Rill Foods Puget Sound Seafood Chowder Mix

Net wt. 6.8 oz. Serves 3-4

Gluten Free

Puget Sound Seafood Chowder Mix

Rill Specialty soups are a Washington made product based in Kittitas County and packaged in the community of Thorp. They take pride in their products and ensure top quality every soup is hand packaged and are named after a place in the Northwest. Inside the soups you’ll find a story that highlights the unique history of the area that the soup was named after.

These excellent hearty soups come straight from the Rill’s kitchen to warm you up on a cold winter day and satisfy you in the heat of summer. You will also need:15 oz. Evaporated Milk or other milk choice or Substitute1/4 lb. Bacon1/2 -1 lb. Fresh or canned Seafood (Clams Tuna Salmon etc)Ingredients: Dehydrated potato cubes potato flake dehydrated celery leaf stalk carrot chicken base arrowroot herbs and spices salt and pepper. Chicken Base: Salt corn syrup solids corn starch hydrolyzed soy protein (partially hydrogenated cotton seed and/or soybean oils added) chicken fat (natural flavor) sugar silicon dioxide (anticaking agent) artificial flavor dehydrated onion turmeric and other spices disodium inosinate and disodium quanylate (flavor enhancers). No MSG. Contains soy.

Type: Food Item

Vendor: Rill Foods

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